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Instructor Profile: Adam Gaweda

Instructor Adam Gaweda

I have been training Aikido for over a decade and currently hold the rank of Sandan. I started Aikido to get back into shape. In high school, I had been a fairly active teenager; however, due to an automobile accident, had reverted to a primarily sitting at the computer. While the computer would later become my degree and career, I knew I needed a way to get off the computer in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Visiting my school’s gym, I ran into a flyer for Aikido classes run by John Lothes. Under permission from Richard Price-sensei of Kure Beach Aikido, Lothes-sensei began teaching classes at UNC-Wilmington. It only took that one flyer for me to sign up! Over the next few months, my involvement with the classes began to increase and within a year I helped found and became President of the UNC-Wilmington Aikido Club. Over time, it became a routine, then a hobby, and finally a lifestyle. I would grow from another student to an assistant instructor to both Lothes- and Price-sensei.

In addition to Aikido, I actively train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, holding a Purple Belt under Renato “Charuto” Verissimo. Off the mats, I am a PhD Student at NC State University in Computer Science with a focus in Education. In fact, much of my research is motivated through the philosophies and practices I’ve experienced in Aikido. While Computer Science is a mental subject, the brain is a muscle and like anything else it has to be trained!

Favorite Techniques:

  • Koshinage
  • Koshinage
  • Koshinage

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