Tammy Gordon, Dojo Cho and Instructor

Tammy Gordon, Dojo Cho (Sandan/Shidoin)

Aikido is an art that has the power to bring people together, which is one of the reasons I love it. I came to Aikido in 2010, when my then 9-year-old asked to try a martial art. Inspired by Aikido’s philosophies, I too joined the dojo, benefiting greatly from the teaching of Richard Price Sensei at Kure Beach Aikido and John Lothes Sensei at UNCW Aikido Club. Learning from Andrew Sato Shihan, Chief Instructor at the Aikido World Alliance, has been a privilege and an inspiration. I try to learn as much Aikido as I can wherever I go, and I’ve been lucky to be able to train on three different continents. At Hemlock Bluffs Aikido, I am honored to serve as Dojo Cho, a role that allows me to facilitate high quality, affordable training for others. Our dojo is a welcoming, positive place, and I feel grateful to be training with all these folks who have enthusiasm for the art and great Aikido vibes.

Kevin Harvey, Instructor

Kevin Harvey (Nidan/Fukushidoin)

I began training in Aikido in 2011.  I was looking for an art that could mesh well with my karate training.  One of my friends introduced me to Price Sensei and Kure Beach Aikido as he also trained in striking arts.  As a matter of fact, quite a few people had mentioned Price Sensei to me since I began karate in the fall of 2000 but no one could find him.  I guess it was my destiny. I am a father of two daughters.  As of this post my whole family are students of aikido.  I want nothing more than for my loved ones to feel confident that they can defend themselves if the need arises.  As for me, I am fascinated with the power and fragility that mankind possesses. I have only been in martial arts 17 years so I have a lot more experimentation and discovery ahead.

Dustin Miller, Assistant Instructor

Dustin Miller (Shodan/Jyoshu)

I started training 4 years ago at UNCW under the UNCW Aikido Club and Kure Beach Aikido. It was there that I was able to learn the basics under Joseph Nash Sensei and really find out if Aikido was for me. At first I started training as a means to become more involved in a community and make more friends, but after some time had passed I found I enjoyed the discipline and routine that Aikido brought to my life. I’m now training and beginning to teach at Hemlock Bluffs! I look forward to seeing you on the mats!

Jon Ball, Assistant Instructor

I began training as a white belt under Gordon Sensei in 2017 at the age of 47.  My first front roll was my first somersault in 30 years.  With the endless patience and encouragement of Gordon Sensei and Harvey Sensei I have learned to do things I would have thought impossible for me just a few years ago.  I have learned so much about myself on this challenging journey, and I learn something new every class.  I’m so lucky to train with some of the kindest, funniest, smartest people I’ve ever met.  We train very seriously and laugh while we do it.  Now I look forward to a new challenge as I begin to teach new friends the lessons I’ve learned from my amazing teachers.