Getting Started

We hope you would like to train with us! This page tells you what you need to get started.

New members take their first classes on the first Tuesday of the month. On your first day, your instructor will be there early to answer questions and help you to fill out the application form and get oriented to the dojo. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, and be sure to remove jewelry and make-up before class.

The cost to begin is $100. This includes a white belt, $45 in club dues, $30 in Aikido World Alliance membership dues, and the $25 AWA testing fee for your first rank test (it’s usually two months of consistent training to qualify for 7th kyu testing). The beginning costs are non-refundable. After the first month, you will pay $50 monthly club dues, yearly $30 AWA dues, and testing fees for each rank you achieve.

Tuesday classes focus on beginners, but senior students will be there to help you. You can attend up to four classes per week.

Feel free to stop by to observe a class. That way, you will know a bit about before you take your first class.