Trying something new

In January 2020, we will be offering a Beginners’ Course, a three-week, six-class course that focuses on the basics: stances, forms, beginning techniques, and dojo etiquette. Here are the details

  • Six classes in three weeks focused on basic etiquette, stances, and beginner techniques. Cost: $50 per person
  • Course runs from January 7-January 25, meeting on Tuesdays from 8:15-9:15 and Saturdays from 4:00-5:00
  • Meets at our dojo at Master Chang’s Martial Arts, next to WalMart on Kildaire Farms Road in Cary

Beginners are welcome in any class, but if you’ve never done aikido before, just hopping in with more experienced practitioners can be intimidating. The Beginners’ Course helps with that; it is designed for folks who want a primer to get more comfortable with the vocabulary, philosophy, and beginning moves.

If you’re interested in the Beginners’ Course, contact Dojo Cho Tammy Gordon at

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